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Highly Adjustable with Smooth Transitions

The BASI Systems Wall Tower delivers powerful adjustability in an affordable design. With fine-tuning control of spring positioning, the largest mat in the industry, roll-down and smooth push through functionality, BASI Systems Wall Tower offers ultimate comfort and flexibility.

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- Fine tuning control of spring angle and positioning

- Aircraft-quality aluminum tracks for smooth adjustability of spring holders and push-through bar technology

- Orthopedic cushioning and antibacterial vinyl on the mat

- Sturdy beech wood frame

- Easy grip padded handles

- Patent: US 10,393,163 B2


1 Safety Strap
1 Foot Strap
1 Leg Strap
2 Handles (Rubber)
2 Handles (Neoprene)
2 Handles (Aluminum)
1 Roll Down Bar
2 Yellow Springs
2 Long Yellow Springs
2 Red Springs
2 Blue Springs


- wooden frame width 27.5” (70 cm.) / length 98.4” (250 cm.) / height 6.3” (16 cm.) with tower height 76” (194 cm.) - padded surface width 27.5” (70 cm.) / length 95.5” (243 cm.) / height 2.36” (6 cm.) WEIGHT 218.2 Ib (99 kg.)

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